rese arch MEETUP 2015

12 December 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia

Results of rese arch LAB with Adrian Krężlik and Kacper Radziszewski. Photo by Radovan Dranga.

Design by behavior – paradigm shift from biomimetic towards morphogenetic, artistic concepts ruling swarm behavior.
rese arch organized a symposium made of short lectures followed by short discussions with the speakers. The event took a form of a friendly gathering, an occasion to meet, network and update each other on what we have been recently doing and have a chance to discuss each other’s work in person.
We were interested in the phenomena of emergence, behaviour simulation and conscious complex systems in the design and fabrication process in the disciplines of architecture, design and spatial art.
The meetup took place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 11th, 12th and 13th December 2015.



Association for Robots in
Architecture, Austria

Johannes Braumann is researching applications of industrial robots in architecture and design. Together with Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, he founded the Association for Robots in Architecture with the goal of making robotic arms accessible to the creative industry. He is the main developer of KUKA|prc (parametric robot control) and visiting professor at the University for Arts and Design Linz.



Tudor Eugeniu Cosmatu has practiced and gained his experience in the field of corporate architecture and temporary structures. This enabled him to use his knowledge in the field of computational design by addressing complex issues at the intersection of art, design, architecture, and engineering. He is currently a guest lecturer at the Corporate Architecture department of TH Cologne and has organized and tutored numerous international computational design and digital fabrication workshops, as a co-founder of ALTU and T_A_I.



Adriana Debnárová graduated from Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. During her internship in Copenhagen she came across architecture for extreme environment. Her master thesis about different approach to construction process in desert uses the technique of 3D printing combined with environmental approach to specific site conditions. Her work won several prizes, including Archiprix award for the best graduation project. Since graduation she has been working in Berlin based studio designing interactive light installations.



Alessio Erioli is Engineer and Senior Researcher at Università di Bologna, MArch in Biodigital Architecture, PhD in Architectural Engineering. His interests interweave teaching & design ecologies in Computational design, focusing on relations among matter, information, agency, space, aesthetics explored through multi-agent based simulations coupled with form-finding strategies and robotic construction. He is also skilled in computational design, programming & modeling on several platforms.



Daniel Köhler (PhD) is an academic and architect based in Innsbruck, where he is the founder of the design practice lab-eds. He teaches at the institute of urban design in Innsbruck, the Aalto University in Helsinki and is an Associate Professor for digital design strategies at the Vilnius Art Academy. His research incorporates digital methods into the study of the city, its history and architecture. Complementary to his theoretical framework he writes code, like punktiert and bRigid, simulation-libraries for the Processing-environment.


Scaled Robotics

Architect and researcher in the field of construction robotics. Experience of creating digital and physical tools for architecture and construction. Stuart was part of the team behind Minibuilders a set of small agile robots 3D printing objects much larger than themselves. Master in Advanced Architecture at IAAC [Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya].

Ryan Vincent


Lead designer at Heron-Mazy since 2008, accompanied honors / publications in Storefront Art and Architecture, Dallas Film Festival, IDEXXCanada, Blankspace, and many others, BSc in Arch from University of Texas at Arlington and Master of Architecture from SCI-Arc, a critic/lecturer at SCI-Arc, University of Texas, TU Berlin, Institute for Experimental Architecture, and USC, worked with multiple offices including Tobias Klien Office, Tom Wiscombe Architecture, Buro Happold and Terreform One, currently based in Innsbruck, Austria and teaching at Institute for Urban Design, with Peter Trummer.
Not even wrong


TU Wien

Christoph Mueller is practitioner, researcher and lecturer in the field of architecture, focusing on digital form-finding-methods, robotics and kinematics. His PHD is about self-organizing architectural modules creating a performative space. He won several competitions, including the international architects-jury. Furthermore he published articles and papers including the international conference advanced building skins. ​


rese arch

Founder or the rese arch initiative, teaching programming to the artists at the rese arch GRASSHOPPER Sessions, at universities in SK, CZ, IT, PL, ES and at workshops Europe-wide, researching generative processes in the context of art and architecture theory.
rese arch
rese arch GRASSHOPPER Session rese arch LAB


Gilles Retsin Architecture

Gilles Retsin is the founder of Gilles Retsin Architecture, a young award-winning London based architecture and design practice, interested in the impact of computation and new fabrication methods on the core principles of architecture. Alongside his practice, Gilles directs a research cluster at UCL/ the Bartlett school of Architecture investigating robotic manufacturing and large-scale 3D printing, and is senior lecturer at UEL.



Aldo is an architect and researcher. Master in Advanced Architecture in 2013 at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalona (IaaC), Fab Academy Diploma in 2014 at the Fab Lab Barcelona, Aldo is founder of Noumena and Fab Lab Frosinone. Expert in computational design and digital fabrication that teaches in international events and explore within the Lab and its own practice. Since 2013, he is director and coordinator of RESHAPE – digital craft community, a platform dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative ideas from the world of digital design and fabrication.



Dominik Strzelec [echoechonoisenoise] is an artist and educator based in Vienna. Studied philosophy and architecture, active as designer and electronic musician. His work focuses on the intersection of generative techniques and immediacy of intuitive decission-making. Currently teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.



Graduated from Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in 2014, in the department of environmental and experimental architecture. He studied as an exchange student of architecture in Madrid (ETSAM UPM). During his studies he took part in several national and international competitions and workshops. He continues in postgradual studies at the FA STU in the field of emergent and generative design approaches in architecture. He works as an architect, teacher and tutor of 3D graphic software. Co-organized and took part in several research projects from the rese arch LAB series, which are directly linked to his research of emergent fabrication.​


Czech Republic

Shota Tsikoliya is an architect and a researcher. Master of Arts at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague in 2013 and Master of Science in Integrative Technologies And Architectural Design Research at the University of Stuttgart in 2015, Shota Tsikoliya is a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague. His research is focused on the application of emergent processes in architectural design. He participated in and co-organized several workshops focused on innovative technologies. Shota Tsikoliya teaches Science Engeneering Technology seminar at the Global Architecture + Design program and Czech Architecture since 1945 at Council on International Educational Exchange in Prague. He worked in architecture offices in Prague and Berlin.


Denmark / Poland

Architect and a long-time Grasshopper user/coder/tutor. Author of the Starling, Anemone, Volvox, Squid plugins for Grasshopper and many more unassociated scripts scattered all over the GH community. Interested in generative design, computational geometry, machine learning​. ​Tutored many workshops in Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany and Denmark.​ Currently a Research Assistant at Centre for Information Technology and Architecture​ (CITA). ​


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